Top 10 Night clubs

#10 Queens club

Located in one of the safest towns in Mauritius sweeping 10th place is the Queens Club . Queens Club plays an array of music such as R&B, Reggae, Dirty House .This club hosts monthly events such as Caribbean nights & always introduce a wide variety of Dj’s for the night so do pop in if you’re in the area .

Operating details: Fri – Saturday (23:00 PM – 06:00 AM)

Location: St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes

Contact details: +230 525 47755

#9 Stardance

This beautiful party venue boasts 3 stages , one for techno music , one for tropical music and the last for 60’s – 80’s music . The wide array of music presented at this club ensures there is something for everyone and no matter how diverse the group may be everyone will surely have a great time.

Operating details: Fri – Saturday (22:30 PM – 06:00 AM)

Location: Route Royale, Grand Baie

Contact details: +230 5255 4252

#8 Banana Beach Club

Located on the beach, The banana beach club is largely famous amongst the tourists. This bar / club is an island inspired paradise. Casual wear is pre-dominant in this bar. Perfect destination for a few drinks & snacks. More appealing towards groups / people who are looking for a fun yet laid back ambience.

Operating details: Fri – Saturday (23:00 PM – 06:00 AM)

Location: Royal Road Cuvette Beach, Grand Baie

Contact details: +230 263 0326

#7 XniteX Nite Klub

Established In 1996 this club is one of the select few which feature Bollywood music. A large portion of the republicans of Mauritius do originate from India hence Bollywood is a strong part of their culture. This club is popular for family groups to go together and enjoy their selves it consists of 2 Dancefloors, 1 hookah (hubbly) Lounge & 4 bars.

Operating details: Fri-Sat (22:00 pm – 5:00 am). Sun (17:00 pm – 2:00 am)

Location: Joomun Building Curepipe

Contact details: +230 5954 4080

#6 Insomnia

Being one of the more relaxed clubs, insomnia can be located in grand Baie. With an array of props and décor this club welcomes nothing but fun and relaxation. Effortlessly throw on a crop top and shorts and head on over to Insomnia if you are looking for chilled vibes.

Operating details: Fri – Saturday (23:00 PM – 04:00 AM)

Location: Royal Rd, Grand Baie

Contact details: +230 726 5706

 #5 Buddha

Perhaps one of the most spoken about up-beat clubs in Mauritius, Buddha is located in Grand Baie. This club is widely popular amongst the locals. Housing 3 dance floors this Buddha is undoubtedly one of the busiest clubs and dominated the Mauritian clubbing sector in 2014/2015.

Operating details: Fri – Saturday (23:00 PM – 04:00 AM)

Location: Vingt Pieds Road, Grand Baie,

Contact details: +230 5948 0799 / +230 263 1769

#4 Altitude

This club is definitely one of the more – FUN clubs around. With constant dress up themes, foam parties, live musical performances & Karaoke sessions who won’t be happy! Altitude also host’s KIZOMBA parties which is becoming a rather large movement amongst international dancers & entertainers. If you are a traveller or eve local looking for a night of light hearted fun out and about the city then this club is definitely the right spot for you.

Operating details: Wednesdays (19:00 PM – LATE karaoke)

Fri – Saturday (17:00 PM – 06:00 AM)

Location: Ebene Commercial Centre, Ebène

Contact details: +230 468 1922

#3 Les Enfants Terribles

Feel like an A-Lister as you walk into this beautiful ice lit venue. Known for its 3 outstanding dance floors which consist of, the main dance floor, the outdoor bar which is open air and the Cîroc VIP, Les Enfants Terribles is a favourable spot for many of the locals due to the dynamic set-up of this club. Drinks may be pricey however the experience you take away after a long night of partying is always priceless!

Operating details:

Friday and Saturday (all year) . Wednesdays in July, August and December.

Every day between 19th December and 2nd January (22:00 PM – LATE)

Location: Pointe aux Cannoniers

Contact details: +23054988751

#2 Shout – Shotz


Nestled alongside the west coast of Mauritius lye’s Shotz – formerly known as Shout . With an open and airy ambience this club is perfect for heels , cocktail dresses & formal wear it is also a stone throw away from hotels such as the Hilton & Sugar Beach Resort . Notorious for also having an under-ground based club Shotz welcomes all personality types from EDM lovers to Reggae lovers . Join in on the fun with their monthly foam parties !

Operating details : Fri – Sat ( 22:00 PM – 06:00 AM )

Location : Oasis complex , coastal road , Flic en Flac

Contact details : +230 453 5626

#1 OMG

With a whopping 100 000+ likes on Facebook alone , a breath taking interior & a variety of universally played music OMG has landed the Number 1 spot on our list of party venues ! This vibrant destination is home to many unique events and is known for their recurring playlists of famous DJ’s . OMG is guaranteed to give you an authentic Mauritian partying experience due to the mix of local & foreign music and crowd .With drinks ranging from classic to contemporary , friendly party goers , safe parking facilities & AMEX facilities this is currently regarded as the GO-TO club of the Island .

Operating details : ( 23:00 PM – 05:00PM )

Location : Royal road Grand Baie

Contact details : +230 5929 4537






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